...There are multiple federal and university research units associated with
the aerospace field that operate in the Central Gulf Coast region.
...They can be grouped into a number of broad categories: aerospace
engineering and design; materials engineering; medical/human factors;
    including warheads; power
    systems; command and
    control; equipment
    performance; and remote
    ...There are several unique
    federal aerospace-related
    facilities in the region.
    One of the largest is the
    Air Armament Center at
Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, which accounts for the largest number
of federal R&D dollars spent in the Central Gulf Coast. It is co-located
at Eglin with the Air Force Research Lab/Munitions Directorate.
Another location along the Gulf Coast that expends a large number of
federal research dollars is John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.
The NASA operation, established in the early 1960s, is where NASA
tests rocket engines and conducts RDT&E in the field of earth sciences.
Stennis is also home to several other federal operations involving
RDT&E and applied technologies. The defense department has both the
Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command and a field unit of the
Naval Research Lab at Stennis Space Center. Several universities also
perform RDT&E at the Stennis facility.

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