...Technology transfer is a key mechanism that changes federal or
university research from a purely academic pursuit into something with a
direct impact on the economy.
...It benefits the researcher and the institution because it can lead to
    royalties, in-kind services,
    cost-sharing and spin-on
    technologies. It benefits
    the commercial partner by
    offering the possibility of
    developing a product or
    service to sell to the
    public and private sector.
    ...In the Central Gulf
    Coast there are 10 offices
    that focus on getting
    innovations from the
    federal and university labs
    to the private sector,
though other offices also have tech transfer as part of their function.
...One of the tech transfer offices is operated by a federal agency, the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and is located at Stennis
Space Center. Eight of the offices are operated by universities or
university foundations, one of them by private Tulane University.

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