...Incubators offer start-up businesses shared services, access to
equipment, flexible leases and expandable space – usually but not
exclusively under one roof. They provide management assistance, access
to financing and exposure to business and technical support services. The
    goal is to graduate
    businesses in two to three
    years that will be able to
    go out on their own and
    be successful, create jobs,
    revitalize neighborhoods,
    commercialize new
    technologies and
    strengthen local and
    national economies.
    ...At its most basic level, a
    business incubator is an
    economic development
    tool designed to accelerate
the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies through a range of
business support services. The most successful business incubators match
services to the needs of local communities.
...The Central Gulf Coast has nine business incubators. They run the
gamut, from those that specialize in high technology businesses to those
that welcome nearly any type of business, including light industrial
...There is one business incubator in the Central Gulf Coast that, unlike
the others, does not have a central facility but does provide incubator-like
services to start-up operations in the county. Another incubator provides
services primarily to minorities and women businesses.

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