...Whether their tenants are major corporations or start-ups, science and
technology parks are growing in popularity and go by a variety of names
– science parks, research parks, technology parks, innovation parks. But
these specialized facilities are key to an innovative, science- and
    economy. They help
    bridge the gap between
    research and industry.
    ...Stanford created the
    nation’s first high-tech
    research park in 1951 in
    response to industry’s call
    for land near university
    resources and the
    emerging electronics
    industry tied closely to the
    School of Engineering.
Since then other parks were created, such as North Carolina’s Research
Triangle Park and Huntsville's Cummings Research Park.
...There are at least 17 science/industrial parks in the region that either
specialize in aerospace businesses or have at least one tenant from that
industry. Some of the parks have been operating for a while, but others
are still in the development phase. In addition, the region’s commercial
airports have facilities that cater to the aerospace industry, though not
necessarily parks.

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Aerospace parks
Aerospace parks